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Conservancy North is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that the public spaces of Northern Manhattan are guided by the needs and aspirations of the community, and planned comprehensively to improve quality of place.

To achieve our mission Conservancy North focuses on five core activities:

1. Advocacy and Awareness

Conservancy North will engage and educate diverse communities in the Inwood, Marble Hill, and Washington Heights neighborhoods through multilingual outreach initiatives that highlight the stakes and possibilities of local public space issues. Awareness campaigns, signage systems, and social media strategies will raise support for public spaces and associated programs.

2. Place-Making Strategies

By bringing the best practices of community-based public space design to Northern Manhattan, we will develop a public space strategy that strengthens our communities and expands our educational, recreational and cultural opportunities and assets.

3. Positive Partnerships

Close collaborations with the Parks Department and other city agencies, local representatives, community groups, educational institutions and private interests will optimize the use of resources and support the Northern Manhattan Master Plan commitment to the community.

4. Green Stewardship

Conservancy North will monitor environmental justice and land-use issues, strengthen relationships with educational and corporate citizens, and initiate corrective measures when necessary to ensure that responsibilities are fulfilled.

5. Forward-Thinking Projects

The public space strategy we envision is a dynamic one.  By spearheading the creation of new sustainable spaces, including public capital projects, and supporting the efforts of community groups in creating new public spaces, we can foster the development of diverse programs and ensure that our community groups have a place to succeed.

Community Benefits

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