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3703 Harlem River Dr, New York, 10034
A Community Boathouse and Learning Center at Sherman Creek
Submitted Thursday June 14th, 2012 by Roger Meyer
A Community Boathouse and Learning Center at Sherman Creek

Just a short walk from PS 5, this public space could be enriching our children's education and expanding their horizons. Historically this location, as well as most of the Northern Manhattan waterfront, was lined with boathouses that hosted rowing, canoeing, single use, team sports, and competitions. Although our waters are the most abundant public space in New York City, we have negligible public upland access - a boathouse or smart waterfront structures - to enable us to use, enjoy, and take care of this precious natural resource. Without such a space there is no place for school groups to convene, programs to be safely and comfortably administered, to store boats and water-dependent equipment, or for community groups and outfitters to thrive and enrich our community. There is no shortage of successful models for boathouses and their management. The community boathouse at Pier 26 in the Hudson River Park is great example of a waterside space that is open to the public all year, all day during the temperate season, hosts diverse programs including community sailing, kayaking, team outrigger canoeing, kayak polo, touring, racing, that range from free to affordable. It's time that the Northern Manhattan communities enjoy the quality of life advantages and economic vitality that other waterfronts in New York City have.

A Community Boathouse and Learning Center at Sherman Creek
Submitted by Roger Meyer on 2012-06-14 20:36:00

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