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Four Coves Biodiversity Project Fall 2015 Update

The Four Coves Biodiversity Project (FCBP) held three events in the spring and summer of 2015. Each of these walks – planned and led by CN board member jim Cole - focused on introducing participants to the unique natural areas of Northern Manhattan and to increase awareness of the biodiversity in these important places.



On May 3rd, over 40 people turned out for a Jane’s walk in Inwood Hill Old Forest. Jane’s walks are yearly explorations held internationally in celebration of the life and work of urban activist, Jane Jacobs. The walk in Inwood focused on the importance of making connections with our urban green spaces through careful and conscious observations of natural systems. High point of the walk was when the 40+ people who attended stood silent for several minutes in the Clove - the heart of the old forest - 

In June, Conservancy North joined with New York Restoration project to conduct a walk in Highbridge Park. Participants on this walk learned about the work the NYRP is doing in Highbridge to return native plants to the park and to eradicate invasive species. The group also visited rarely seen areas in the park including the Sycamore Grove, a hidden grove of Sycamore trees that shade a cool natural spring. 

A group of teenagers joined adult participants in a July Muscota Marsh exploration. During this walk the ecology of fresh and salt-water marshes was discussed as well as the history of the Muscota Marsh project. Additionally, the group piloted a biodiversity assessment protocol, which is being developed by Conservancy North for ongoing work in Northern Manhattan’s parks.

Going forward, the Conservancy North’s Four Coves Biodiversity Project work concentrate on refining its biodiversity assessment protocol while continuing to reach out to community members in its educational programs. 

The outreach will include organizing a cadre of people who will be trained – and then called upon to perform – biodiversity assessments on a regular basis. This collection of assessments, will act give stakeholders a picture of what animals and plants live in Inwood Hill Park and the four coves.

All photos courtesy of Adam Stoltman


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Four Coves Biodiversity Project: 2015

Inwood Hill Old Forrest -- Biodiversity Walk

Sunday May 3rd 12-1:30
Join us on an exploration of Inwood Hilll Park, a unique forest island in the heart of New York City.  We'll visit trees that are hundreds of years old, see evidence of the Native American community that once lived there, and observe some of the plants and animals that call this forest home. Please arrive a little early. We are meeting on the corner of 218th Street and Indian Road at the entrance of Inwood Hill Park.  

Sherman Creek and High Bridge Biodiversity Walk and Field Work

Sunday June 28th 1-2:30

Muscota Marsh and Mud Flats -- Biodiversity Walk

Sunday July 26th 2-3:30
At one time, wetlands ringed the island of Manhat-tan.  Today, there are few small wetlands left.  Wet-lands are very important to the ecology of coastal areas and are the home of many animals and plants.  During this walk, we'll visit sites where Inwood Hill Park meets the Harlem River to learn more about this amazing habitat and what we can do to protect it.  We are meeting on the corner of 218th Street and Indian Road at the entrance of Inwood Hill Park/Muscota Marsh.  

Please arrive a little early. Sturdy shoes or boots and long sleeves recommended.  Bring a rain coat if needed and snacks and water.  

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Waterfront Community Stewardship Zones

New York City Council Committee on Waterfronts

Oversight – One-Stop Permitting for Waterfront Projects
Testimony of Roger W. Meyer, Chairman of Conservancy North
Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 1:00PM

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Reflections of Summer in Inwood Forest

The asphalt is hot, baking in the summer sun.  Buildings are heating up too, the bricks warm to the touch.  There is little relief in the city on an August day.  Everything seems more intense, more consequential.  There is a feeling a storm is approaching.

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Four Coves Biodiversity Project: Recap Fall 2014

The idea for the Four Coves Biodiversity Project was hatched in the Spring of 2014. The focus of the project is the upland areas of Inwood Hill Park and four coves in the area: Muscota Marsh, Inwood Hill Cove, North Cove, and Sherman Creek.  Within these areas, we will structure an ongoing study to assess and document resident species.

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Why Conservancy North

Northern Manhattan is sitting on a gold mine.  With its network of lush parks, glistening waterways, and living shorelines that teem with marine and avian life, the northern tip of Manhattan fairly overflows with potential. 

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Conservancies: All for One, One for All, or Both?

As Conservancy North, a fledgling 501c3 ramps up its service to Northern Manhattan’s parks and open spaces, it helps to look at the role of conservancies in other parts of the City.  

Last Updated on Tuesday April 1, 2014

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The Four Coves Biodiversity Project

Announcing a new collaborative study of Northern Manhattan's natural habitats. Conservancy North, in cooperation with Natural Areas Conservancy (NAC)--a nonprofit group that works in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation--is leading a multi-year community effort to identify, catalogue, and monitor the diverse species found in the marshes and forests of Northern Manhattan. 

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The Inwood Forest in Winter

The woods are frozen, snow turned to ice covering the forest floor. It is dusk.  I am moving – tentatively – first one step, and then another, under the Clove’s forest canopy.  This unique and important island of trees is a secret habitat defined by a clove-shaped ridge line that protects it from the city that surrounds it.  Suddenly, I crash through the crust with a thud.  The sound echos off the stones and trees.  

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Community Benefits

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