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Four Coves Biodiversity Project: Recap Fall 2014

The idea for the Four Coves Biodiversity Project was hatched in the Spring of 2014. The focus of the project is the upland areas of Inwood Hill Park and four coves in the area: Muscota Marsh, Inwood Hill Cove, North Cove, and Sherman Creek.  Within these areas, we will structure an ongoing study to assess and document resident species.


The multi-year project is organized in three phases.  During phase one - which was completed this past summer - exploratory walks were held in the designated sites.  The purpose of these walks was to get a sense of the "lay of the land", to broaden community knowledge of the park, and to engage in conversations about each habitat.  

In phase two, to begin in the late spring 2015, we will formally mark plots for study and do baseline biodiversity assessments.  During this phase, we will necessarily build a cadre of expert and non-expert volunteers who we can call on for future visits to the habitat.  Phase three will consist of regular visits to the sites and public conversations on our findings and directions for conservation and remediation of the sites founded in the data we collected.

Currently, we are modifying our study protocols including organizing methods for the collection, organization, analysis, and reporting of qualitative and quantitative data collected in the field.  If you are interested in being part of the planning of the next round of FCBP events, contact Conservancy North.

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