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Four Coves Biodiversity Project Fall 2015 Update

The Four Coves Biodiversity Project (FCBP) held three events in the spring and summer of 2015. Each of these walks – planned and led by CN board member jim Cole - focused on introducing participants to the unique natural areas of Northern Manhattan and to increase awareness of the biodiversity in these important places.



On May 3rd, over 40 people turned out for a Jane’s walk in Inwood Hill Old Forest. Jane’s walks are yearly explorations held internationally in celebration of the life and work of urban activist, Jane Jacobs. The walk in Inwood focused on the importance of making connections with our urban green spaces through careful and conscious observations of natural systems. High point of the walk was when the 40+ people who attended stood silent for several minutes in the Clove - the heart of the old forest - 

In June, Conservancy North joined with New York Restoration project to conduct a walk in Highbridge Park. Participants on this walk learned about the work the NYRP is doing in Highbridge to return native plants to the park and to eradicate invasive species. The group also visited rarely seen areas in the park including the Sycamore Grove, a hidden grove of Sycamore trees that shade a cool natural spring. 

A group of teenagers joined adult participants in a July Muscota Marsh exploration. During this walk the ecology of fresh and salt-water marshes was discussed as well as the history of the Muscota Marsh project. Additionally, the group piloted a biodiversity assessment protocol, which is being developed by Conservancy North for ongoing work in Northern Manhattan’s parks.

Going forward, the Conservancy North’s Four Coves Biodiversity Project work concentrate on refining its biodiversity assessment protocol while continuing to reach out to community members in its educational programs. 

The outreach will include organizing a cadre of people who will be trained – and then called upon to perform – biodiversity assessments on a regular basis. This collection of assessments, will act give stakeholders a picture of what animals and plants live in Inwood Hill Park and the four coves.

All photos courtesy of Adam Stoltman


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