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Four Coves Biodiversity Project

We explore the marshes and forests of Northern Manhattan. Our goal is to better understand the plants and animals living in our own backyard. We go on several nature walks a year in Inwood Hill Park and four coves in the area:  Muscota Marsh, Inwood Hill Cove, North Cove, and Sherman Creek. On the hikes we identify, catalogue, and keep an eye the wildlife.  By identifying the different plants and animals – what we call “biodiversity” – we can measure the health of our natural places over the years and tell if we are helping or hurting things.  This is important because the healthier our natural places the healthier we are. So come along, learn hands-on about environmental science and help protect the one world we live in.   

The Four Coves Biodiversity Project (FCBP) of Conservancy North, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that the public spaces of Northern Manhattan are guided by the needs and aspirations of the community, and planned comprehensively to improve quality of place.  FCBP is a multi-year community effort to identify, catalogue, and monitor the diverse species found in the Muscota Marsh, Inwood Hill Cove, North Cove, and Sherman Creek areas. The project values urban green spaces as both places of recreation for humans and vital refuges for a diverse range of plant and animal species.  Using existing study methods developed specifically for NYC natural areas by the Museum of Natural History, volunteers of all ages, interest, and education levels combine efforts to better understand the unique ecosystems of Northern Manhattan and to become effective citizen scientists and advocates for our natural spaces. Currently we partner with New York Restoration Project and work in concert with the biodiversity study of Natural Areas Conservancy, the partner of the NYC Parks.   

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