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Smart Waterfront Structures

Imagine a modular, portable, reproducible, inexpensive, facility that could be the perfect community boathouse, waterside museum, environmental center.

The Challenge

For generations New York's neighborhoods waterfront have been walled off from our most abundant public space, our waterfront and waterways.  This is particularly the case for underserved communities in which the recreational, educational, and economic opportunities of a thriving waterfront culture are for the most part nonexistent.  As more Northern Manhattan neighborhoods look to reclaim their waterfront, there needs to be a better option than the eyesore of a 40' x10' container as a means of upland access.  Containers do not have the basic amenities to support school groups, year round usage, or attract established community groups organizations or operators who could truly serve our community.  

The Solution 

To address this ConservancyNorth proposes the design of a  modular lightweight building that can be configured in various ways for diverse programs and community groups, serving as a boathouse, environmental or maritime classroom,  waterside museum, boatbuilding center, artist space, or concession.  We envision this to be attractive functional LEED certified structure with a compact footprint.  The structures can be connected together or stacked as the needs of the community grow. 

Clustering structures with different programs can create a waterfront destination, similar to the Northern Manhattan waterfront of yesteryear which was coined the recreational destination of Manhattan. 
We would like to create a more usable and potentially more successful option for the Parks, our civic partners, Northern Manhattan, and even the five boroughs. 

The Parks and the community share an interest in seeing boating in the Boathouse Marsh area. This is an opportunity to make this site or another Northern Manhattan waterfront site into a vibrant destination that truly contributes to the quality of life.

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