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Grown in Northern Manhattan!

Community Gardens and Urban Farming


Connection with the land is a basic human need that is difficult to meet in an urban setting. Community gardens and urban farms provide a vital public space for cultural exchange, self sufficiency, green entrepreneurism, and food production.  The benefits range from a stronger safer community through shared investment, a cleaner environment, a more sustainable local economy, as well as benefits to the body, mind, and spirit.

As a result many cities have robust community gardening initiatives including rooftop garden collectives right here in Manhattan. However northern Manhattan has but only a few. How can we link our restaurants to urban farms, including local fisheries? How can we create more jobs, attract more visitors, and brand our neighborhoods through gardening initiatives?  It's time for northern Manhattan to keep pace with other parts of the city and even become a leader in community gardening and farming. 

To learn more about urban farming in New York watch Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn announcement of FoodWorks New York, a new effort by the City Council to produce the first ever comprehensive plan to use New York City's food system to create jobs, improve public health and protect the environment.

Community Benefits

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