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Successful public spaces are lively places where the many functions of community life take place, and where people feel ownership and connectedness — true common ground.

Urban parks are all too often overlooked or taken for granted as opportunities for cities, towns and regions to enhance the value of their unique and irreplaceable resources, which set them apart as places where people love to live. In truth, investing in parks as community assets is an important economic development strategy that will help a city or town stay competitive in the 21st Century.

Placemaking differs from traditional park master planning because its principal goal is to create a place that attracts a wide variety of people and an experience that makes them return again and again throughout the year. When design solutions are developed too early and parks are treated as aesthetic objects, the result is often a space that is pleasant to look at but that few people use. People might visit once, but find there are few activites to engage them, which makes them less likely to return.

Community Benefits

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