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Waterfront and Waterways

Waterfronts around the world are undergoing major transformations. While shifts in industry have left some rusty and dilapidated, many others are being reimagined as thriving public spaces the whole community can enjoy. ConservancyNorth's approach to the waterfront is geared specifically toward working with communities adjacent to waterfronts to develop a new vision for the future. By looking at a waterfront as a series of destinations rather than as a linear space, these places can fit in well with the surrounding communities.

For many cities, defining a waterfront’s identity can a huge challenge. Some waterfronts, for instance, have become privatized with residential development, while others are limited to one-dimension uses like ball fields or grassy lawns. Many have been converted to highways or other car-oriented uses that bar public access. Since many waterfronts are no longer used for their initial purposes and have fallen into disrepair, any type of development tends to be welcomed. Yet when one particular use is allowed to dominate, the long-term potential of the waterfront is degraded.

Community Benefits

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