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The decisions we make today concerning our public spaces can have long-term implications for our community. Public spaces can open new doors and they can close them just as well. We want to see our public spaces healthy, green, and welcoming not only for passive enjoyment but as fertile places for community groups, events, and activities to thrive.

Entrepreneurial activities like wetland restoration, neighborhood gardens, greenmarkets, historic restoration, waterfront programs, or new park space (think Highline), can be contagious. They can draw people, inspire others, redefine place, and have the catalyzing power to change our neighborhoods for the better. We have all seen such transformations to blocks, neighborhoods, and cities. We also understand the risks of neglecting them. Quality of life stagnates. The natural environment deteriorates. Waterfront access is restricted. A disenfranchised community. To address these issues, ConservancyNorth has brought all of the stakeholders together to the land-use table. We believe the real power to improve our public space happens when top-down and bottom-up public resources and energies work together towards shared goals.

Community Benefits

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